Most business owners hit a stagnation point.
That's where I swoop in with a plan.
I help you focus your priorities, tell better brand stories, and streamline your website so your business can grow with ease.

Most business owners hit a stagnation point.

That's where I swoop in with a plan.

I help you focus your priorities, tell better brand stories, and streamline your website so your business can grow with ease.

When you have a plan, success follows.

But what should be in your plan? What needs to change in your business? To answer that, it's time to call in some help.

  • Define Your Success

    Hop on a free, 30-minute discovery call with me and let's define what success means to you. We can't build a plan until we know where we're headed.

  • Get a Customized Plan

    After our chat and some homework, you'll receive a customized plan to help you reach your goals. You'll then be able to tackle the projects standing in your way, with me as your guide.

  • Enjoy the Good Life

    When you define your success, have a customized plan to get you there, and a guide to help you overcome the projects in your way, you'll end up at your finish line doing a victory dance.

Hi, I'm Megan - brand strategist extraordinaire and former embroidery kit empire builder
Yep, you read that right. For 10+ years I ran an embroidery kit business. And I was SO good at it.

But for the first few years, the constant struggle to come up with new designs (that fell flat), pitch my product (desperately to everyone I met), create content (that no one read), AND get the state sales tax paid wore me down. It felt like I was running a marathon where the finish line kept moving. Eventually I wasn't running but crawling, and all the while I told myself I could reach the end if I just tried harder.

Um, I couldn't. And neither can you. At least, you can't if you don't define where you're actually headed and get clear with a plan.

That's what I realized when my business partner asked what success looked like for us...and I couldn't answer. I didn't even know what I was crawling toward!

So I took a week off (literally the hardest thing I've ever done) and drew out my vision. It was a combination of journal entries and scribbled drawings, but to me it felt like the best road map in the world. With that map taped to my wall, I was able to start planning my next steps.

One year later, I had rebranded the business, increased our revenue by 150%, and hired some help. Even better, I could finally enjoy my weekends work-free. I had reached the first success milestone on my road map and I celebrated with a flaming drink at the downtown tiki bar.

Now, in my new business, I help lots of other business owners reach that flaming drink stage and I celebrate every win with them.
Past (and now happy) clients
  • Kilani Paulik
    Kaleidoscope Risk Management

    Megan did a great job listening to my unfiltered thoughts on what my brand could be, and then turning that into actual concepts. Without her help, I would still be flailing around with color swatches and a font generator.

  • Serena Bishop Gordon
    Special Blend Gravel

    Working with Megan to ensure our site was providing the correct content, in the correct places, at the correct time, was an eye-opening journey. She not only helped me understand the value of the revisions, she walked me through her process and provided suggestions and examples of how we could improve it, resulting in a website focused on allowing us to reach our target customers and our goals.

  • Bekah Rottenberg
    Brave Endeavors

    Working with Megan was simply amazing! She was so thorough, conducted client interviews that I never would've had the guts to do, and broke things down into manageable chunks that I could chip away at. She is also an idea generating power house. No shortage of great ideas from Megan! If you're looking to spruce up your website, hire Megan today!

You know something could be better.

Let me help you build a path to success.

I'm constantly working with my clients to:

  • Build a brand so deep and cohesive, it could be someone's best friend
  • Design or redesign websites that channel all their awesomeness
  • Write copy that resonates with their super fans
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas to grow their audience
  • User test their websites, event, brand strategy, and more
I've worked with some amazing businesses