Hi, I'm Megan - business consultant extraordinaire and former embroidery kit empire builder
Yep, you read that right. For 10+ years I ran an embroidery kit business. And I was SO good at it.

But for the first few years, the constant struggle to come up with new designs, pitch my product, AND create content wore me down. It felt like I was running a marathon where the finish line kept moving. Eventually I wasn't running but crawling, and all the while I told myself I could reach the end if I just tried harder.

Um, I couldn't. And neither can you. At least, you can't if you don't define where you're actually headed and get clear with a plan.

That's what I realized when my business partner asked what success looked like...and I couldn't answer.

So I took a week off and drew out my vision. It was a combination of journal entries and scribbled drawings, but to me it felt like the best road map in the world. With that map taped to my wall, I was able to start planning my next steps.

One year later, I had rebranded the business, increased our revenue by 150%, and hired some help. Even better, I could finally enjoy my weekends work-free. I had reached the first success milestone on my road map and I celebrated with a flaming drink at the downtown tiki bar.

Now, in my new business as a business consultant, I help lots of other business owners reach that flaming drink stage and I celebrate every win with them.

Business can be crazy if you do it long enough.

Here are some of the crazy things I've done over the years:

  • Started 3 businesses
  • Rebranded a business and enjoyed a 150% increase in revenue for my troubles
  • Sold over 16,000 embroidery kits and nearly 10,000 subscription kits
  • Products carried in 200+ shops across the US
  • Wrote a crafting book published by C&T Publishing
  • Led the Portland branch of the Freelancers Union SPARK
  • Landed my first freelance UX client after breaking my collarbone at her cycling camp
  • Named one of the 100 Most Creative People by Better Homes and Gardens magazine
How I got here (plot twist!)
  • Art Student

    I took all the fun classes and earned BAs in Art and English. I spent my time learning how to draw the human form, craft a quirky character, and run my own art print business. I began teaching other students (and some professors) how to open an Etsy shop, pay taxes, write blog posts, and figure out their brand. It wasn't long before I burned out though.

  • Business Maven

    The business shifted into a 6-figure embroidery kit business after lots of user input. Over the 10+ years I ran it, I wrote an embroidery book, stocked 200+ shops across the US, vended at countless shows, and ran 3 monthly subscription club. I spoke at conferences and helped friends tweak their businesses to be more profitable and easy to run.

  • Designer + Consultant

    Wanting another change, I started taking UX/UI courses online and discovered I'd been using UX skills for years. Now I'm helping small businesses delight their customers with user-centered websites, services, and products. I'm also digging deep with them into their businesses to see how we can streamline their offerings and delight their customers even more.

Life's more than just work.
When I'm not working, I'm out exploring on my bike. Traveling new roads helps me push outside my comfort zone. Plus, there's always something to see.

I'm also a fan of:
  • fantasy books
  • finance podcasts
  • mint matcha lattes