I'm going to take a wild guess and say that, despite your best efforts and dream idea, you're currently struggling with...

  • Low growth

    Be it your social media numbers, your email list, or your bank account, those numbers are NOT going up, no matter what you do.

  • Feelings of Inadequacy

    It seems like every other business owner is rolling in success while you're at home rolling in anxiety and how-to books

  • Overwhelm

    Have you seen how much there is to do?! How are you supposed to get it all done AND grow your business?

You're not alone. Most business owners hit a stagnation point, whether that be in their income or just their outlook. But throwing yourself blindly into a pivot isn't going to help you any more than just stubbornly pushing ahead.

Believe me, I've tried both of those options.

It wasn't until I got clear on my customer and their needs and desires that I was able to see what I could offer them, how I could market it to them, and envision future offers for them.

If you want the same, I'm here to help as both your guide and helper-extraordinaire.
When you work with me you will...
  • Gain an ally

    We'll dive into a discovery call where you can share all the dirt on your business and vent your frustrations. Then we'll discuss what your vision of success looks like, rainbows and unicorns included.

  • Rediscover your inspiration

    Together we'll dive deep into your customers, learning their needs and desires. Then we'll use those insights to look over your offerings, website, and marketing, designing everything to resonate with them.

  • Feel confident

    With me in your corner and your customers at the center of focus, you'll start smashing your goals. You'll also have the tools to keep succeeding long after we're done working together.

Some things I help my clients with

Every client is unique and so is their plan, which is why each plan is tailored to help you reach your goal whilst working within your time frame and budget.

Visual Branding + Website Design
Together we'll design a brand look that launches 1,000 clicks. You'll get a website built for your customer and visual branding that conveys your business's unique personality.
Customer experience work + visual branding starts at $4,000. Customer experience work + website build starts at $8,000.
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Brand Storytelling + Content Creation
Learn how to create copy that resonates so deeply with your customer, they'll think you've been talking to their partner. Build deep connections with the people you serve and never fret about what to write again.
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Research and Testing
I'll help you gather the data so you can know for sure that your website is converting your audience, ensuring you have a solid product that will drive sales while you sleep.
Packages start at $1,500.
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Strategy Sessions
Have a big idea you've been keeping secret? I'll help you strategize a way to build a minimum viable product/service to test it out with your customers before you go big.
Packages start at $2,000.
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Past (and now happy) clients
  • Breanne Nalder Harward
    Utah Gravel Series

    Megan held my hand through every step of the process of building my website, even with all the obstacles that presented along the way. She was kind, professional and truly cared to make sure the end product was everything and more, with all the personal touches.

  • Mike Ripley
    Mudslinger Events

    After starting to work with Megan Eckman in the fall of 2023, she continues to be a force in the design and thought process around our multiple web pages. So many businesses need a fresh set of eyes to render a refined vision, and with a bit of effort, her process has yielded results in 2024. As we continue to make time to adjust our vision with Megan's consulting, we encourage your business to consider her for yours.

Ready to start working together?
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Steps to Working Together
  • Define Your Success

    Hop on a free, 1-hour discovery call with me and let's define where you are now. We'll dig deep into what has been working for you, what drives you, and what ideas you have that might seem too big to succeed. Even better, let's talk about where you want to be, because I know it's an awesome place.

  • Focus on Your Customer

    We'll work together to make sure your products/services are fully aligned with the needs and dreams of your customer. This might be working on your copy and content, it could be redesigning your website, or it could be creating a minimum viable product/service that you can launch ASAP.

  • Enjoy the Good Life

    When you understand your customer on a much deeper level, everything becomes easier. You'll increase your online conversions, create offerings that sell out, and write newsletters that delight your audience. Because when you focus on your customer, they'll follow you anywhere.