Brand Identity Coaching
The best brands are those that can stand on their own two feet. We know them so well, if they were a person, we could tell you their favorite drink and their go-to outfit. (I mean, we all know that LaCroix is sauntering up to a party in a maxi print dress with a big sun hat, right?)

I work with small businesses like yours to build out your brand identity so that your business can become your customers’ BFF.

We'll discover your ideal customer and write the story they're telling themselves, including how your business helps them reach their happy ending. We'll discuss color psychology, how serifs make us feel, and do some spying on your competitors to learn what makes your business unique. And, most importantly, we'll discuss how your brand fits into the wider world of complementary businesses that your customer also interacts with. (LaCroix, Target, and Sweetgreen all hang out at the same pool parties after all.)

Businesses that don’t nail down their brand identity tend to fade away over a few months or years. They can’t stand out in a world of insta-trends. But if you build a brand that has a personality as unique as yours, it lets you start working toward your bigger goals (like world domination).
Who am I?
I’m a freelance UX/UI designer and brand strategist. With 10+ years as a retail business owner, 2 art degrees, and 2 UX certificates, I bring curiosity, creativity, and passion to every job. Empathy is one of my super powers and I love digging into each client’s unique experiences and goals. My favorite thing is brainstorming the intersectionality of products and services.
I love sharing customer success stories.
Here are a few of my recent favorites:
  • Bekah, a personal trainer, didn’t understand why more people weren’t signing up for her live Zoom group classes. We worked through her customer story and realized she wasn’t using the right language. We edited her copy to emphasize how the person just needs to show up and be present; Bekah takes care of planning the workout. She saw a 10% increase in her class members and now feels confident about her sales page converting new visitors.
  • Serena, a founder of a women’s cycling camp, wasn’t sure her website was conveying how awesome her in-person camp was. We worked together to improve the copy so that it conveyed the value of her camp. We also added photos of every aspect of the camp, not just the cycling, so that potential campers could see the delicious, catered food and the soft beds awaiting them. She sold out her spring 2024 camp in a record 5 days.
  • Mike, a cycling race organizer, felt he should have been able to sell out his races sooner. We worked together to make sure his website captured the fun side of his brand, emphasizing the smiling faces, the custom socks each racer gets, and the after-party. I also helped him tweak his website design to prevent information overwhelm. He sold out his multi-race pass 3 months early and saw a 30% increase in other race registrations.

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Coaching starts at $500 for a project package. You’ll have lots of fun homework and several one-on-one chats with me. Together we’ll build a brand identity that will be your customers’ new best friend.