Brave Endeavors MTB Clinics
Brave Endeavors MTB clinics help you strengthen your bike skills AND your mindset. With a focus on empathy and courage, they help women feel more confident both on and off their bikes. They have special programs for children and minority groups who often lack the opportunity to mountain bike. In addition, the founder, Bekah, leads a strength training program called buildCLASS.

Project Goals:
  • Polished sales page for buildCLASS that converts new members
  • Enthusiastic onboarding experience for the newsletter
  • Create a marketing strategy for a New Year's special event which gave people free access to one week of buildTEAM (the livestream version of the class)

Key Challenge:

Bekah had spent years polishing her program and knew it had a 90% conversion rate once people tried it out. The challenge was getting people to try it out for free.

Research Study Details:

To figure out what changes we needed to make to the existing sales page, I first conducted interviews with current and potential strength training program members. I asked them about their previous workout experiences, their goals, and how they wanted to feel after a workout. I also asked what held back their friends from joining them if they were already members. I also did a content audit on the sales page, ensuring we were answering questions, overcoming doubts, and giving users a clear call to action.
User research analysis
To make sure we were meeting our goals for the sales page, I conducted user research with past and potential strength training members. Each participant was asked about their experience with strength programs, what they desired for workouts and outcomes, and how they wanted to feel.
Overarching Findings
  • 1
    Know they need strength training but desire structure
    Most users wanted someone to tell them what to do. They wanted to just show up and do the work. They needed to trust the person though.
  • 2
    Want to feel strong
    Most users wanted to feel strong in their daily life, especially if they are 40+ in age. Injury prevention is also high on their goals list.
  • 3
    Had tried many other programs
    Most users had tried a wide variety of strength or workout programs over the years. Examples included CrossFit, personal trainers, and Peloton. They all had structure and accountability at their core.
changes we implemented
  • 1
    Showed how Bekah's class fit their needs
    I improved the copy of the sales page to show how Bekah's class fit most users' needs by using the same words given in the user research.
  • 2
    Made it easier to choose between buildSOLO and buildTEAM
    I wanted to make deciding between the two versions of the class as easy as possible. Less mental energy = easier decisions. So I broke down what was in each and who it was best for. Bekah added a great analogy with Peloton, a workout offering many of her customers had past experience with.
  • 3
    Better photos
    To help female users feel confident signing up, we changed up the photos to show Bekah doing the routine in her home, where her audience does their workout. We wanted the program to feel approachable to anyone.
  • 4
    Killer testimonials
    Subscriptions are a big purchase so we combed through Bekah's testimonials and used the ones that resonated most with what we heard in the user research interviews.
an informative sales page

It took many iterations but in the end we had a clean sales page that made deciding to try out Bekah's buildCLASS an easy decision.

You can find the website, and sign up for a program yourself, at

Marketing strategy
Bekah already offered a free demo of her buildCLASS on her website. Anyone could enter their email address and be sent a previous class video. This helped them see what the class would be like.

Given that it was December when I worked with Bekah, I helped her create a marketing strategy for January 1st. People could sign up with their email address to get access to buildTEAM (the livestream version of buildCLASS) for the first week of the new year. This tied into people's desires to create new year's resolutions and allowed her to test out how she would handle a larger-than-usual livestream class. This showed her what steps she'd have to take as her classes eventually get bigger.
Results coming soon!