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When we're little, we're told not to judge a book by its cover. But if you're like me, you totally choose books at the library by their cover. I mean, I'm a sucker for beautiful illustrations and fancy typography. And you know what, your customers are just as easily influenced.

That's why your branding is so important. You need to align with your customer in seconds and let them know that you're going to be the best of friends because TikTok is calling!

If you feel like your brand isn't currently turning your customers into raving fans, or if you have a vision but no business yet, then let's work together. I'll help you brand or rebrand your business, event, experience, etc. We'll cover the basics of colors, fonts, logos, and graphics. Then, if you want more (and I highly recommend it), we'll move into your voice, content strategies, and social media marketing.

You'll walk away with immense confidence and a bulging goodie bag that contains a well-rounded brand.

What You Get

While I build each branding package to fit a client's needs, every branding package includes:

  • A mood board
  • Logo design + logotype
  • Social media avatars
  • Custom palette of colors
  • 2-3 type selections
  • Favicon
  • Brand style guidelines
  • Stationery set (business card, letterhead, thank you cards, etc)

Final files include:

  • Logos and logotypes in B&W and color (JPG, PNG, SVG)
  • Brand guidelines (PDF)

All files are delivered via Dropbox download.

Think of this as the starter set. Starter sets begin at $3,000 (and payment plans are totally available). And if this all sounds awesome, click the button below to fill out a little 'Get to Know You' form.

But, there's definitely more we can do. Keep scrolling to learn about what else we can do together.
you can also get...

While a logotype, colors, and fonts might be enough for some, I encourage my clients to fill out their brand more.

Think of your favorite book character. They're more than just a name and a pretty face. They have a unique wardrobe, a preference in how they take their martinis, and a collection of favorite swear words (mine tend to be British).

Your business will resonate better with customers if it's a full character and not just a caricature.

That's why we'll go into:

  • Customer avatar (Let's really get to know your customer while we're at it because an author should always know their audience.)
  • Brand voice (What words resonate with your customers? What words will you use and, more importantly, NOT use? What is your business to your customer: BFF, work mate, concerned expert?)
  • Content strategy (What do your customers want, need, and wish you'd give them?)
  • Social media strategy (Where are your customers? Let's go there!)

What you'll walk away with:

  • A completed customer avatar worksheet
  • A brand voice cheat sheet of word and language choices
  • A plan for how to engage customers online where they already are

Ready to start working together? Click the button below to fill out a little 'Get to Know You' form. This will help me build you the perfect branding package.
  • Kilani Paulik
    Founder of Kaleidoscope Risk Management
    Megan and her team did a great job listening to my unfiltered thoughts on what my brand could be, and then turning that into actual concepts. Without their help I would still be flailing around with color swatches and a font generator. Once we narrowed it down to a few options and I could give feedback, Megan was very responsive - providing additional versions and mockups so I could see the designs on business cards. The final design was easy to drop into a printing website, right on time for my deadline, and I've gotten great feedback on the cards - I've been told they really capture my style and stand out from others in my industry!
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