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You've invested time and money into your business. (Plus tears and sweat and 800 pounds of coffee beans, right?) Considering that giant investment, wouldn't it be nice to make sure you've set yourself up for success?

Wouldn't you like to know if your website encourages customers to put items into their cart? And that your copy answers all the questions a customer might have? Or that your event page gets everyone super excited AND lets them know what time things start?

When it comes to these questions, I don't mess around with 'this might a problem.' Through UX testing, I let your customers and other users tell me if there's a problem. Then you and I work together to fix it.

Sometimes it's as easy as a button in the wrong place or no evident place to buy something. (I've seen some of the biggest brands out there making that last mistake). Other times it's a disconnect between your product/service and your branding/online presence. But whatever the problem, there's always a solution, so long as we know we're solving the actual problem.

What You Get

Each UX/UI research and design package is tailored to fit a client's needs, but it may include:

  • User testing (surveys or a video session)
  • User testing feedback analysis
  • Prototyping
  • A/B testing
  • Card sorting
  • Design iteration

User testing takes away the guesswork and let's us design with your customer in mind. And when you do that, everything becomes easier.
Feel like you want to test out your website or user flow? Want to know how I can help you increase brand loyalty and turn customers into raving fans? Want to make sure all those coffee beans weren't for nothing? Fill out this 'Get to Know You' form to get things started.
  • Serena Bishop Gordon
    Working with Megan to ensure our site was providing the correct content, in the correct places, at the correct time, optimizing the end user experience, was an eye-opening journey. She not only helped me to understand the value of the feedback and revisions, she walked me through her process and outcomes of prototype site testing interviews, provided suggestions and examples of how we could improve, and modified the site based on recommendations, resulting in an enhanced end product focused on allowing us to reach our target customers and our goals.
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