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Do you remember your room as a teenager? Posters, cool books, a wardrobe that only you understood. It was the perfect embodiment of your passions and who you were at that time in your life. Well, your website is the same thing for your business. But before you invite people over to your website, you want to be sure you've picked up your dirty laundry and have everything looking rad.

Whether you're building a brand new website or want to redesign your existing one, I'll help you consider information architecture (how your site is structured), branding continuity, user flows, and navigation. We'll make sure your customer can do all the things you need them to do with confidence and ease. And, obviously, we'll make sure your site matches your branding aesthetic (whether that's monotone minimalist, boho maximalist, or anything in between). Then, if you want more, we can actually test out your new website with some user testing.

You'll walk away with a website that not only does what you need it to do (sell, register, convert, inform, etc) but that you'll actually WANT to show off.

What You Get

While I build each website design package to fit a client's needs, every one includes:

  • A mini brand guidelines based on your existing brand (or my branding package if you don't have a brand yet)
  • A site map of your website
  • Wireframes of layout options for you to choose from
  • Custom website design
  • A fully-functioning website that you can easily edit and maintain
  • A video tutorial walking you through how to maintain and update your site

My website design packages start at $3,000 (and payment plans are totally available). And if this all sounds awesome, click the button below to fill out a little 'Get to Know You' form.

But, there's definitely more we can do, especially if you're doing a website redesign. Keep scrolling to learn about prototyping.
you can also get...

While some people want to keep things simple and go from wireframes to a full website, I also recommend a prototype stage, especially for redesigns.

Think of a prototype as your chance to test drive your website with your customers. Through user testing, you'll get to see how they move through your site, what words they'd use to describe it, and how they complete their user flow. Taking the time to test out a prototype means you can make changes to the design before it goes live, saving you time, money, and frustration.

By adding on a prototype stage you'll:

  • Get to test out a user flow or a certain part of your site
  • Hear from your customers or other users and get feedback analysis from the user testing of the prototype
  • Make edits to your site based on the feedback before it goes live
  • Feel so much more confident about your website

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