Utah Gravel Series
When your organization suddenly triples in size, it's time for a new website. Breanne, director of the Utah Gravel Series, acquired two new races in the fall of 2023 and wanted to create a cohesive site that channeled her love of play and minimalism.

Project Goals:
  • Build a website that conveys the same blend of exuberance and organization as the in-person events
  • Give Breanne control over her site to update it as each event takes place and registration opens
  • Effectively communicate the value of buying a Triple Crown pass
  • Create a cohesive and consistent design between each event

Target Audience:

Gravel cyclists in and around Utah who like organized rides and competition.

Key Challenge:

Making her site stand out while conveying all of the pertinent information potential riders need to make the big decision to register.

Research Study Details:

To figure out what format would best benefit the riders, I researched similar-size cycling races across the country. I also asked what emails Breanne routinely gets from riders to ensure that we addressed those issues.

Impact (TL/DR):
  • Sold out/nearly sold out events
website design - site map
Initial Concepts & Wireframes
  • Home screen should provide links to all events and show off the sponsors
  • Compelling photos of happy riders and beautiful scenery for each event
  • A full break-down of each event, describing what's included, the routes, and schedule
  • Results for all of the events
  • Volunteer contact form to encourage people to volunteer
  • Registration bars that can be turned on and off
brand guidelines

Breanne worked with an illustrator to create the event logos for her business. I extended the color palettes to help with accessibility. All non-event pages employed a variety of the colors but were primarily black and white.

the final website

You can find the website, and sign up for an event yourself, at https://utahgravelseries.com/

the impact
  • A website that can grow and shrink to meet the demands of the organization
  • Unique branding for a cycling event