Branding and business cards for a cyber-security consultant
A woman-run, dino-themed gravel cycling event in Utah
Book covers that combine the classics with warning stickers
web design & branding
Tea boxes for a pirate-inspired tea company
Walking maps of the local street art, funded by Travel Portland
Eco-friendly, screenprinted children's playmats
Branding and business card design
Kaleidoscope Risk Management
How do you, as a female cyber security expert, stand out in the field? You embrace your love of colors, the bisexual flag, and crystals! This project with Kaleidoscope Risk Management proved an interesting balancing act between professionalism and personality. But I know without a doubt that everyone will remember this vibrant card at the next conference.
custom website
dirty dino gravel grinder
I love working with passionate women. That's why I jumped at the chance to help the founder of the Dirty Dino Gravel Grinder build a new website that matched the exuberance of her gravel cycling event. With a logo of a T-Rex riding a bicycle, I knew I had lots of opportunities to play with her brand. We chose a combo of greens and blues plus a neutral white to convey the playfulness of her gravel ride that involves a fossil bed's worth of dinosaur puns. I organized the site's information to ensure people had all the information needed to make the decision to register for the ride as well as supporting them post-registration to prepare for the big day.
Book jacket design
The Parental Advisory Classics
Recently it seems like everyone wants to ban books. And while, yes, there are a few books that I wish I hadn't read as a child (because they were boring), most of the books on their lists are ridiculous. ALMOST as ridiculous as the books on my English lit syllabi when I was in college. So that got me wondering: what would parents think of English lit required reading? What advisory labels would they put on the covers to prevent their children from expanding their perspectives and enjoying (or not) the great literary classics? Introducing: the Parental Advisory Classics.
Tea box design
Blackbeard Tea Co.

We all know the tales of pirates and treasure. But over the years, we've misconstrued their treasure and think of it in terms of coins and jewels and treasure chests, while in actuality, their income came from spices and sometimes tea leaves. I wondered what would happen if instead of keeping the treasure for themselves, they took a more capitalist approach. And thus Blackbeard Tea Co was born.

Each box has a passage from the first mate's log that pertains to that tea, directions on how to make said tea, and a list of ingredients. Plus, inside every box there's a treasure map in case you're feeling extra adventurous.

All 3 tea varieties
The boxes unfolded
Walking maps
Portland Street Art Alliance
Murals pop up everywhere nowadays. That's why I created these walking maps for the Portland Street Art Alliance and Travel Portland. Now you can go on a scavenger hunt around the city, seeing all the fun street art and grabbing snacks from the food trucks. These maps were designed to be printed from the Travel Portland website and taken with you as you walk.
Eco-friendly playmats
Ella Lou LLC
A whimsical look at some major cities, these maps of San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris allow kids to play on them with their toy cars or horses. They were designed to be screenprinted with just two colors, the overlapping areas creating a third color. For several years they were licensed by Ella Lou LLC for her children's lifestyle brand.